Principles for strategic research initiatives

Prinicple for establishing and implementing strategic research initatives

Responsible institution: A strategic research initiative must be rooted in the institution that receives the main responsibility for the initiative. Together with the research group, the institution has a responsibility for ensuring that the investment can be continued after the funding from Helse Vest is completed.

Regional focus: Not all strategic initiatives will cover the entire region, but the initiatives must always be open to participation from other relevant academic communities in the region. If the strategic research initiative does not succeed in getting participation from relevant specialist communities at the hospitals, the project manager shall inform the responsible research leader of the health authority.

Inclusion of health authorities: The strategic research initiatives are responsible for inviting all relevant specialist communities from the region's health authorities.

Allocation of funds: Funds must be distributed according to the relevant activity as outlined in the application, and this must be agreed in advance. There is no goal that the funds should be distributed to the health authority according to size.

Principle of evaluation, measurement of achievement of results

General measurement of achievement of results: Results in the form of dissemination, scientific publications and completed doctoral degrees

Collaboration: The degree of cooperation can be measured through the numbers of collaborative partners as it appears in applications and evaluations.

Importance for the health services: Documentation of change in clinical practice on the basis of research results and / or development of knowledge that is relevant to health care.

Regional focus and inclusion of health authorities: Regional focus will, among other things, be measured after the author's addressing on publications based on the strategic research initiative.

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