Call for proposals - Helse Vest's Strategic Research Funds

The Regional Liaison Committee (Det regionale samarbeidsorganet) between the Western Norway Regional Health Authority, the University of Bergen, the University of Stavanger and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, has set aside funds for the establishment of new strategic research initiatives in Helse Vest.

Funds for the period of 2020-2024 can be applied for with deadline June 3rd, 2019. The application amount is 1-4 million NOK annually for 3-5 years. The funding is set to minimum 25 million NOK annually for new strategic research initiatives. Given sufficient scientific quality and the project's benefit to patients and impact on patient care, at least one project will be awarded to a smaller health trusts in the region, and minimum 3 million NOK will be set aside for health care interaction projects.

Granting of the research funds will be decided at the Liaison Committee's (Samarbeidsorganet) meeting on November 28th 2019.

Overall purpose and definition

The goal of Helse Vest's research funding is to contribute to ensuring research activity among health providers, and to increase the productivity, the quality and the utility of research. Research funds are to be an incentive and an economic contribution for ensuring research, and in cultivating research expertise among health trusts.

The strategic initiatives must have a regional perspective, and it is expected that all relevant research environments in the region are invited to participate in the activities linked to the initiative. Collaborative areas and the various environments/institutions’ contributions in the initiative must be highlighted in the application. Strategic initiatives are thus broad initiatives that go beyond a regular research project. It is expected that the initiatives will contribute to increase competence and network building regionally. Further, the application institution, together with the research group, has a responsibility for ensuring that the initiative will be continued after the funding period. For more information see Principles for strategic research initiativs 

Thematic areas

The thematic areas are based on suggestions from the Health trusts, the University of Bergen, the University of Stavanger and the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, as well as private, non-profit institutions in the region. 

On the basis of these proposals, The Liason Committee has decided to set aside funds for strategic initiatives within the following areas:

  • Health services research – Health care interaction, patient course of illness, interdisciplinary perspective, implementation research

  • Improved health services through applied digitalization (use of digital analysis tools in diagnostics and treatment)

  • Integration mental and somatic health

  • Applied research against antimicrobial resistance

  • Clinical treatment research (requirements for participation in research from all health trusts, provided there are patients within the group)

What can be applied for

The funds announced have to be used for health related research. Funding can be applied to cover the cost of payroll compensation for clinicians in hospitals (payroll compensation with up to 50 % position during the entire funding period), research support personnel, operation assets and scholarship positions (Phd and postdoctoral fellows). Personnel financed by the funds have to be employed in a health trust in the region or in a private non-profit institution that has an agreement with Helse Vest. 

Who can apply 

The applicant must be employed (minimum 20 %) by a health trust in the region or by a private, non-profit institution that has an agreement with Helse Vest

Agreement of support

If employment requirements are not met, people who are employed by University of Bergen, University of Stavanger and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences can still apply if an agreement of support with a health trust or a private, non-profit institution is attached. An agreement of support must be made between the department/clinic in the health trust/private, non-profit institution and the department or the equivalent in the institution where the applicant is employed.

For more information about who can apply, including access to this year’s Agreement of support form, please see the information under Who can apply for research funding.

The application form

Norwegian or English language can be chosen in the application form. 
For applicants who have not used eSøknad before, please refer to the presentation of eSøknad (pptx). 

Mandatory attachments to the application

Two attachments must be uploaded with the application:

1. Project description

general template for project description has been prepared, which is to be used when submitting applications for research funds. The template gives information about which elements to include in the project description. The project description is to be uploaded as an attachment to the application (PDF document).

2. Other attachments

The attachments must be compiled into one attachment in the order that is outlined below. Upload the attachment as one PDF-document under "other attachments" in the application form.

The applicant's CV (see template suggestion) and list of publications from the last five years.

If applicable:

CV and list of publications for the last five years for collaborators who are important for the assessment of the reasearch community.

Agreement of support, if applicable (refer to the information about who can apply)

Application Process 

Given that the application is within the thematic areas of the announcement and meets the guidelines and criteria for the strategic initiatives, the application will be sent to an external assessment committee. Applications are evaluated on the basis of research quality and impact (benefit to patients and impact on patient care and health services). These two criteria are balanced, meaning that high utility or high quality alone is not sufficient for funding to be awarded. Read more in Aims and criteria

Note that there is a possibility for several strategic initiatives within the same overall thematic area.

Please contact the Regional Centre for Clinical Research if you have any questions:

Organisation Number 983 658 725