Common reasons for not being shortlisted

Applications that do not meet the requirements in the call for proposals will be set aside. The applicant (Principal Investigator) must ensure that the application is complete and that all format requirements are met.

​In the table below common reasons for rejection are listed:

CauseHelse Vest comment and guidelines
DeadlineThe application was sent after the deadline.The application database is automatically closed after the deadline. Applications cannot be sent afterwards.
​Multiple applications in the same category
​Applicants can only send one application in each application category. If there are sent multiple applications, only one will forwarded to the comittee.​
Incomplete application
The application is missing required attachments, or the attachments do not meet the requirements. Attachments cannot be sent by e-mail after the deadline. See the guidelines for the relevant application category for information about required attachments.
​User involvement
​The project description lacks information about user involvement in the project. This also apply if user involvement is not relevant. 
​Please refer to aim and criteria guidelines and the template for project description.
Agreement of support
The applicant is not employed in a minimum of 20% position by one of Helse Vest RHF's Health Trusts or by a private, non-profit institution who has an agreement with Helse VestPlease refer to the guidelines for who can apply for research funding from Helse Vest.
Agreement of support formThe correct version of the agreements of support form is not used.Download the correct version on Helse Vest's webpages. There is a new version for each call.
The agreement of support form lacks valid signatures.The agreement of support must be signed according to the authority structure in the institution, approval should be given by Clinical Director level or Leader of Institute.
​​Application amount

​​Applying for more than the maximum amount allowed for the application category will cause the application to be rejected.

Please check the guidelines for open project support, clinical career fellowships and short term projects for maximum amounts applicable.
Exclusive for PhD fellowships
Applicants must have a Master's Degree or equivalent, at the time of application (before the application deadline).Diploma and transcripts from Master's Degree or equivalent is used in the evaluation and must be attached to the application. Applicants with international Master's Degree must document how this compares to an equivalent Norwegian degree. Refer to the guidelines for PhD.
Either the Research Fellow, Supervisor or Principal Investigator must be either employed by or provide an agreement of support with a Health Trust or a private, non-profit institution in the region.Please refer to the who can apply guidelines for Helse Vest research funding and guidelines for PhD fellowships
Exclusive for Postdoctoral FellowshipsFellowships are not given to candidates who have earlier had a Postdoctoral Fellowship at an institution in the western healthcare region.Please refer to the guidelines for postdoctoral fellowships
Exclusive for Open project supportThe Principal Investigator (applicant) has not completed a PhD.Please refer to the guidelines for open project support

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