Guidelines for clinical researcher fellowships

The Liaison committee (Samarbeidsorganet) will award four to six clinical researcher fellowships to candidates under the age of 50 years (b. 1970 or later) employed in clinical service. Clinical researcher fellowships aim to stimulate and strengthen clinical research in the medical community in the region. Clinical researcher fellowships must be applied by the fellow. The fellowships are personal and cannot be transferred to others.

Who can apply – requirements at the time of application

The applicant must be employed by a health trust in the region or by a private, non-profit institution that has an agreement with Helse Vest, and hold a position, of minimum 50%, in a clinical or paraclinical institution.

The applicant must be a health care professional and licenced as health personnel according to the health personnel act.

The applicant must hold a PhD and as a minimum have completed one period as a postdoctoral fellow or have been active in research for the equivalent amount of time after completion of the PhD.

If funds are awarded

The positions financed by the research funds are to be employed by the applicant institution (health trust or private, non-profit institutions).

Clinical researcher fellowships can be applied for one and up til three years (100 % position). The fellowship can be implemented as either a 50 % or 100 % position. Payment of the fellowship will follow chosen implementation period. Clininical fellowships proposed to be completed within a 50% position must be combined with the clinical position. 

What can be applied for

The clinical researcher fellowship is to cover the salary of one's own position (postdoctoral fellowship rate) and additional operating funds. The applicant institution is required to partially finance the fellowship (20 %). The fellowship rates include salary with social expenses and some operating costs.

The total cost for the career fellowship is currently NOK 1.15 million per year for 1-3 years, including partial funding from the applicant institution. 80 % of this amount can be applied for on the application form. The contribution from the applicant institution (20 %) should be accounted for in the agreement of support, refer to required attachments.

Separate applications must be submitted if the applicant wishes to be assessed for the category of a postdoctoral fellowship or an ordinary multi-year project, in case the application for a clinical researcher fellowship is not successful in the competition. The budget and project description must be adapted to the individual application category.

Project description and other attachments

Two attachments must be uploaded with the application:

  1. A general template for project description has been prepared which is to be used when submitting applications for research funds. The template gives information about which elements to include in the project description. The project description is to be uploaded as an attachment to the application (PDF document).
  2. Other required attachments (are to be compiled into one PDF document):
    1. The applicant's CV (see template suggestion) and list of publications from the last five years.
    2. Declaration of support from the applicant institution that contains an overview of the institution´s own funding of the fellowship (20 %), and where it is stated in what way the candidate's skills and research plan are included in the research strategy of the institution.  Applications with no signed declaration of support attached will be excluded.

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